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It’s no coincidence that our business name has dual meanings. Naturally, we deal with conveyancing matters but, more importantly, the practice of conveyancing matters very much to us and, of course, to our clients. The play on words is clever because it is accurate and appropriate.

Any business seeking to improve and grow must encourage an ethos to support those aims. Our Mission and Values Statement codifies the attitudes towards our profession, our work and our clients that we encourage our team members to adopt. For us, this means a top-down approach—from our founder to me as the firm’s CEO, through to each member of our management team—we all strive to exemplify the principles laid down in our Mission and Values Statement for the other members of our team.

What our mission and values mean to our team

Excellence, which is at the core of our mission statement, is a lofty, but achievable aim. We’re not talking about perfection, rather about being the best we can be at our profession. Neither am I pretending that our business doesn’t exist to make a profit. But it follows that achieving excellence in our work will ensure that we also meet or exceed our financial goals.

Embracing our mission and values gives our team direction for their day-to-day work and for their plans to advance their careers. Knowing that our business is underpinned by sound values gives them confidence in its longevity. Most of all, our team members can have pride in their efforts, knowing that they are expected to and are able to meet their clients’ needs efficiently and attentively, with fairness and integrity.

What our mission and values mean to our clients

Our clients are the beneficiaries of the culture created by our Mission and Values Statement. They are assured of dealing with friendly team members who have been selected for their willingness to pursue the mission of our business and who have been trained to do so. Our win-win value means that we approach our clients as partners and cooperate with them to meet their needs. Our clients return to us because they enjoy being valued and receiving value for money for our services.

A mission and values to embrace and be proud of

At Conveyancing Matters, we have a great record for customer service and setting the standard in our industry in South Australia. Our success has arisen from adhering to the ethics and behaviour outlined in our Mission and Values Statement. It’s not just some words on a plaque at Reception or in our induction manual—it’s who we are and that’s something we’re all proud of.

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About the Author:

Penny commenced work in Conveyancing Matters in 1992 as receptionist and has progressed through roles as conveyancer and Practice Manager to her current role as CEO.