About Michelle Hendry

Michelle Hendry is a highly skilled Certified Practising Conveyancer (CPC) with proven experience with land acquisitions and developments for various types of property, including commercial, industrial, retail and residential. In addition to Michelle’s conveyancing qualifications, Michelle has a Project Management Degree from the University of South Australia and her skill base is utilised by Conveyancing Matters and clients in all major projects. Michelle is currently a Board Member/Director of both the Australian Institute of Conveyancers South Australia Division and National. Michelle is one of South Australia’s leading conveyancing specialists to facilitate the following transactions: - Land divisions - Commercial property settlements - Business settlements

Lands Titles Office announces 2022-2023 fees

The Lands Titles Office have released their 2022-2023 financial year fees. Links to Fees and Charges can be accessed here or see below for specific fee schedules. Transfer Registration Fees Guides to the fees applied to land transfers based on the value of the property being transferred: Transfer Registration Fees 2022-2023 Plan Lodgement Fees Summary [...]

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Peak conveyancing body warns Amendment Bill places home buyers/sellers at risk

South Australia’s peak conveyancing body is warning that proposed changes to land registry laws in NSW will have significant flow-on effects to South Australia, including the loss of protections if funds go missing during property transferrals. Consumers to wear the cost of Minister’s decision to create interoperability at the expense of consumer protection Australian Institute of Conveyancers [...]

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Buying or selling a property: why does your conveyancer need to verify your identity?

  In order to reduce the risk of title fraud, from 28 April 2014 the South Australian Registrar General implemented a policy where conveyancers, legal practitioners and mortgagees are responsible to verify their clients identity either by a face to face meeting or use an agent to do so. What do you need to provide? [...]

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Meet Michelle Hendry

  Introducing Michelle Hendry, Business Manager of Conveyancing Matters "I pride myself on understanding our clients’ businesses and their requirements and being able to provide commercial advice and solutions, which adds value to our clients.”​ Michelle Hendry joined the Property Matters Group in 2017 as Business Manager of Conveyancing Matters Pty Ltd with a demonstrated [...]

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New GST Compliance for Property Sales

  The new GST 'withholding" regime for sales of new residential properties and vacant residential lots will apply to contracts from 1 July 2018. Why The new measure was introduced to prevent developer companies from selling properties for a price that includes GST and then dissolving their business before they are liable to remit the [...]

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Professional conveyancing services versus DIY

If you have never bought or sold property, you could be forgiven for assuming that legally transferring the ownership of a property from a seller to a buyer would be straightforward. And it is true that simple residential property transactions are unlikely to involve legal or financial complications. The majority of transactions, however, require the [...]

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E-conveyancing in South Australia celebrates 1st year anniversary

Pexa commenced in South Australia on July 4th 2016, and our team at Conveyancing Matters were privileged to be the first practitioners to lodge a caveat via the PEXA platform and also one the first practitioners to complete South Australia's first electronic settlement.  Electronic settlements have progressed in South Australia at a momentous rate together [...]

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Risk management and real estate: Protecting your property purchase

When you’ve finally found the perfect property, don’t let excitement take over. Take a step back and consider the potential risks involved in the purchase transaction and work with your conveyancer to ensure that those risks are minimised and/or that you are protected against them.   The principle of caveat emptor—let the buyer beware—applies to [...]

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