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Tips for buying or selling residential properties

We’ve helped hundreds of South Australians buy their home or investment property. Here’s a round-up of some important pieces of information which can help you from making expensive mistakes and make the process a whole lot easier

Choose your own conveyancer

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, Conveyancing Matters are happy to assist with it all. We know everyone leads a busy life, and we are a team that provide our clients with a flexible service, whether it be conducting your identification checks in the comfort of your home, to arranging document signing at various office locations.  We work with you to get the job done the best and easiest way.

We are a team with a great referral history.  Many clients come back to use our services time and time again.

Talk to us early in the process

We recommend you make an appointment to visit one of our offices before you sign to discuss the contract and/or Form 1 questions you may have.

We will get you all set to go and make sure you’re properly organised. Buyers will be sure to have their banks kept informed from the word go so you won’t end up with frustrating delays at settlement time.

Selling without a real estate agent

A lot of vendors are surprised to learn how easy a conveyancer can make the sales process for you. In fact if you already have a buyer identified, or don’t think you’ll have too much difficulty finding one, the easiest decision you can make is to contact us and we arrange everything.

Our help when buying a residence

Once you’ve found a house you want to buy, especially if there is an auction involved, it really is a good idea to get our help with checking things over. In particular we will tell you about the importance of examining the Form 1 document carefully. Those documents can sometimes be quite substantial, at times over 100 pages long, and we can help you identify the really important points you need to be aware of.

We will also talk to you about things like title insurance, a beneficial policy to any purchaser which lasts the entire time you own your new property and can avoid unexpected compliance costs.

Our help when selling a residence

We pay special attention to making sure you get access to your money 24-48 hours after settlement.  Or if your settlement is a Pexa (electronic) transaction, your funds will be instantaneous after settlement.