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Find out more about conveyancing

Here’s a selection of short videos – two to three minutes each – to explain the mysteries of conveyancing. Like, how to tell if the conveyancer you talk top you is right for you? Or, what does a conveyancer actually do behind the scenes? And is it a good idea for both purchaser and vendor of a property to use the same conveyancer?

What are the important questions you should ask a conveyancer?

In this short video our former CEO, Penny Erskine, outlines the important questions you should ask of your conveyancer before choosing the right person for you. She also talks about the various fees when buying or selling a property and what questions you should ask your conveyancer to make sure their quote includes ALL their fees involved.

So what does a conveyancer actually do?

Once you’ve found the house of your dreams and the legal paperwork starts coming your way, what then? You need to ask the right questions whether buying or selling a property. Like, do I really need a conveyancer? Will I need a solicitor as well?

Is it really better to get my own conveyancer?

And what are some of the things that can go wrong when buying or selling a property? Should the buyers and sellers of a property use the same conveyancer? What if I’m selling my house privately? Or do I need a conveyancer if I’m leaving my house to a family member?