Acquiring the keys to your kingdom

If you’ve ever been between homes, perhaps when heading overseas for an extended period, you may have experienced the strange feeling of being keyless. While that sensation can be partly one of freedom, it can also be one of loss and feeling adrift.

In addition to their practical purpose, keys symbolise that which they unlock—a luxury car or the house of your dreams, for example. Perhaps that is why so many purchasers are keen to know from where and whom do they pick up the keys to their new homes.

Of course we understand our clients’ eagerness to collect those keys, which in most cases will be held by their real estate agents, and we share their excitement. However, there are a few important processes to be finalised before keys can be released to a purchaser.


Delayed gratification allows for due process

Before your real estate agent can release the keys to you, the following steps must be carried out:

  • Settlement must be completed.
    Fortunately, since National Electronic Conveyancing (NEC) was introduced in July 2016, this is a faster and more efficient process than ever before.
  • One of our staff will confirm with your real estate agent by phone and email that settlement has been completed.
  • We will phone you, the purchaser, to confirm that settlement on your new home has been completed.

Now you can contact your real estate agent—or your agent may even contact you—to make arrangements to collect the keys to your new home from them.


Safety first

You have no way of knowing how many copies of keys to your new home are in circulation. Former owners may have given them to friends, family members, tradespeople and others.

For your security, safety and peace of mind, we recommend that you have the locks on your new home changed as soon as possible. The expense involved will be far less than that caused by a potential unauthorised entry and consequent theft or vandalism.

We’re at your service

Conveyancing Matters offers friendly, experienced and efficient conveyancing services. We’d be delighted to assist you to smoothly conduct any property transactions you have planned.

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