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How can we be both multi-skilled and specialised?

Each member of our team is highly qualified to handle all aspects of conveyancing in SA. But unusual issues can sometimes arise around settlements and that’s when our team comes into its own.

Individual members of our team have chosen to specialise in specific aspects of conveyancing law. Where required your conveyancer will collaborate with other team members to ensure you obtain the very best advice for your specific needs.

Meet our team

Penny Erskine
Penny ErskineCEO, Conveyancer
“I really enjoy the phone call to a client when settlement is complete. To be able to tell them they either own a home or have some money is a great feeling.”

As the CEO, Penny is responsible for setting the direction for the future for the business. One of Penny’s passions in life is real estate and completing her clients settlements.
Penny started work in Conveyancing Matters in 1991 and has progressed through roles as conveyancer and practice manager to her current role as CEO.

Fiona Baverstock
Fiona BaverstockConveyancer
Fiona is a crucial part of our management team and is responsible for managing and mentoring the Conveyancing Matters team and the day-to-day running of the Adelaide office.

Fiona is a Certified Practising Registered Conveyancer who enjoys meeting with clients and helping them in their property transactions.

John Erskine
John ErskineConveyancer
“Over the years the process that conveyancers engage in has gone from typing paperwork to internet-based ways of operating. We’ve been introducing innovation into the business to help make the clients’ experience better. Using technology will clearly appeal to a growing number of clients as we aim to make things easier for them.”

John is one of the pioneers of conveyancing in South Australia. A key player in our industry, he wrote the book on conveyancing – literally – writing the practice manual now used for all conveyancers in the state.

John established Conveyancing Matters (known as as Erskine Murphy & Associates until 2003) in 1990 and has developed the business to be a well-respected leading authority in conveyancing. His breadth of experience in retailing, combined with a strong academic grounding and conveyancing experience is second to none.

Frank Graney
Frank GraneyConveyancer
“For me, the satisfaction comes in the knowledge that you’re helping someone at a time of their life when they are making a big, emotional decision. It’s a big investment and we try to simplify the process for them. It’s stressful enough moving without having to look after contracts as well.”

Frank Graney has been conveyancing since 1994 which has given him experience and knowledge in many areas such as residential, land divisions, and rural and commerial transactions. Frank and Strand Conveyancing joined with the Conveyancing Matters team in 2012.

Frank is a Certified Practising Conveyancer which is testimony to him being an advocate for keeping his qualifications current and updated.

Simon Gerlach
Simon GerlachConveyancer
“We have a great team environment here. We’re very inclusive and make everyone feel like they’re a part of the team. We all pitch in and help each other to get the end result of helping the client.”

An experienced settlement professional, Simon is a Certified Practising Conveyancer responsible for managing client settlements who commenced at Conveyancing Matters in 2014.

With a broad range of skills and expertise in the property industry, Simon is able to advise on all aspects of property settlements.

Professional and people-focussed, Simon enjoys being able to help people complete their dream of owning their own home and getting the deal ’over the line’.

Jess Husson
Jess HussonConveyancer
“I really enjoy the diversity of my role and the people I work with, there is never a dull moment! I love having the opportunity to apply the skills I am learning at Tafe in the workplace”.

Jess is a key part of our team; she handles a myriad of conveyancing work. Jess joined Conveyancing Matters in November 2013 and is studying Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing.

Alana Pianezzola
Alana Pianezzola
“Clients come back because we give such good service. We’re friendly and we go out of our way to get things done properly. Each property transaction is different and doing that one thing that makes the client happy makes a big difference to them… and to us.”

Alana is a key part of our business – assisting our conveyancing team. With qualifications in justice studies and business, she has hit the ground running since joining Conveyancing Matters in 2009. Her ’can do’ attitude ensures your work is done efficiently – and fast.

Alana specialises in attending settlement, booking settlements with banks and enjoys working in a great team environment.

Amanda Powardy
Amanda Powardy
“To me, a happy client receives good service, has an easy property transaction and less worry. And that’s what we aim to do every time.”

Amanda joined Conveyancing Matters in February 2011 and has proven to be a fantastic addition to the team.

She is qualified in retail and business management and enjoys helping our clients.

Amanda is our trust account administrator keeping track of our clients funds, attends to our interstate settlement agents settlements, and manages numerous administrative tasks.

Shelby Schlawin
Shelby Schlawin
“I want to become a Conveyancer because I want to help people with such an exciting time in their life – becoming the owner of your own little piece of Australia. I too am saving to buy just that! And I love that every day I go to work, I learn something new – either a helpful tip, or an issue to be wary of.”

Shelby started with us in 2017 and comes from a Sales background. She is currently completing the Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing. Shelby assists our conveyancing teams by handling our settlements bookings, attending settlements and a range of administrative tasks. Shelby enjoys travel and her goal is to go to a different country every year.

Renee Thomas
Renee ThomasConveyancer
“No two conveyancing jobs are ever the same and I learn something new everyday”.

Renee is a key part of our business – managing our Blackwood office.

Renee completed her Advanced Diploma in Financial Services (Conveyancing) in 2011 to become a Registered Conveyancer. Renee joined the Conveyancing Matters team in January 2013 and is responsible for managing our Blackwood office and running conveyancing files.

With a background in Real Estate administration and customer service, Renee’s very friendly nature and professional attitude, combined with her knowledge of conveyancing are just some of her qualities, enabling her to provide first class quality service to all clients.

Lisa Richards
Lisa Richards
Lisa started working with Conveyancing Matters in October 2015. With experience in the legal, financial and Conveyancing sectors, Lisa has been a valuable asset to our team. She is responsible for file setup, bank and client liaison, document preparation, searches and all things administrative. She is efficient and highly organised and her can-do attitude will always get the job done.
Kirby Toma
Kirby Toma
“Every day presents a new opportunity, working with some experienced conveyancers there is always a challenge or something new to learn about the industry.”

Kirby is one of the friendly faces you will encounter at our Blackwood office, who assists with File Setup, Searches, Settlement Bookings and assisting our Business Partners and Clients.

Tamara Bronca
Tamara Bronca
“Every day presents a new opportunity, working with some experienced conveyancers there is always a challenge or something new to learn about the industry.”

Tamara is one of the friendly faces you will encounter at our Mount Gambier office, who assists our clients with Verification of Identity and document signing, File Setup, and assisting our Business Partners.