Land Titles Office announce 2017/18 fees

As we near the end of the financial year, it’s time to upload the latest Lands Titles Registration fees to your systems.

The base registration fee will be $160 ( for example, used to register a discharge of mortgage and register a new mortgage), a Title Search $28.25 and Property Interest Report $290 (ex GST).

We are still waiting for the updated search rates from Councils, SA Water, Emergency Service Levy and Land Tax departments.

Links to Fees and Charges can be accessed at or see below for specific fee schedules.

Transfer Registration Fees
Guides to the fees applied to land transfers based on the value of the property being transferred:
Transfer Registration Fees 2017-18
Plan Lodgement Fees
Summary of fees charged for plans being lodged with the LTO:
Plan Lodgement Fees 2017-18
Lands Titles Office Documents
A-Z list of documents and the fees charged for lodgement with the LTO
Document Lodgement Fees 2017-18
SAILIS Charges
Price List for accessing property information through SAILIS
SAILIS Price List 2017-18
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