Finding the pieces of the property transaction puzzle


Smoothly finalising property transactions is not a matter of chance—it’s not even a matter of having gained experience in the field. To ensure successful outcomes you need to fit together the pieces of a puzzle. By this I mean that you need to form relationships with various property professionals who will work together and with you to help you achieve your goals.

Those who have already built careers in property development have learnt the importance of working with high-performing, collaborative professionals. Let’s look at the professionals you need to solve your property puzzle.

The first piece of the puzzle—An ace accountant

Working with a skilled accountant can save you not only heartache and inconvenience, but also a lot of money. Your property accountant should be thoroughly familiar with trusts, Capital Gains Tax (CGT), and all other applicable taxes and duties.

Consult your accountant before you commit to a property purchase or sale. They will play their part to ensure that settlement goes smoothly with no nasty fiscal surprises in the aftermath.


The second piece of the puzzle—A crack conveyancer

This is where we come in, providing you with an objective and transparent service for every aspect of the transfer of property. We work closely with your accountant to ensure that your tax obligations are minimised and that all legal aspects of transactions are considered and acted upon in your best interests.

Again, engaging your conveyancer before you make any binding decision is crucial. Take advantage of our specialised experience when planning your property sale or purchase and development.


The third piece of the puzzle—A first-rate finance provider

Property deals can involve a great deal of money and usually, not all of it will be yours. Finding and forming a solid relationship with an expert lender—be that a banker, a mortgage broker or other finance provider—will set you up for smoother, faster financial transactions and save you money.

This professional relationship should also be established before any contracts are signed. That way you can be prepared, safe in the knowledge that your finance provider supports your plans and vision. It also enables you to compare different lending products without pressure.


The fourth piece of the puzzle—The right real estate agent

A switched-on, experienced real estate agent will guide you towards suitable properties for purchase and development or direct qualified buyers towards your property if you are selling. They will be used to working closely with conveyancers to ensure that the contracts they prepare include accurate and comprehensive real property and financial information as well as any special conditions applicable to the sale or development. The right real estate agent will smooth the way for speedy completion of your property transactions.


The fifth piece of the puzzle—a savvy surveyor

If you are developing property you will need a skilled surveyor thoroughly familiar with local regulations and by-laws to act as an intermediary between you and the local council. Before you commit to a particular property, seek advice from your surveyor about whether the development and your vision for it are feasible on the land you have chosen.

Note: The surveyor is the one professional whose services you may not need if, for example, you are selling property or purchasing an existing property for investment purposes.


The last piece of the puzzle—you

The final and key piece of your property puzzle is you—the buyer, developer or seller. Ultimately all the decisions are yours to make, but you would be wise to follow the advice of the professionals who have made the property market their lives’ work.

Each of the pieces of the property transaction puzzle should fit together snugly to make a whole and seamless picture. To achieve this fit, ensure that you are comfortable working with all the specialists you choose and that they are committed to communicating clearly and frequently with you and each other. They should also be prepared to answer any questions you have fully and promptly.

If you don’t already have a trusted team of property professionals, don’t be intimidated by the task of recruiting one. Reputable practitioners in one field will, like we do, have relationships with trusted colleagues in the others, to whom they will be pleased to refer you.


As your conveyancing professionals we’re only too happy to help you build a team of specialists to help you solve your property puzzle. Put your mind at rest and Contact us before you sign any contracts for the sale or acquisition of property.


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