About Penny Erskine

Penny commenced work in Conveyancing Matters in 1992 as receptionist and has progressed through roles as conveyancer and Practice Manager to her current role as CEO.

We’re proud sponsors of the Real Estate Institute of SA

  Our privilege of being one of the leading conveyancing companies in South Australia also carries responsibilities. In fact conveyancers are absolutely integral to facilitating any type of property transaction, yet most people are somewhat in the dark about their role. Conveyancers are very much the quiet achievers in the property industry but [...]

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We’ve joined Global Online Shopping

Global Online Shopping is a leader in: Putting local companies back in front of their customers on a weekly basis with a new compelling loyalty program which creates more business and savings. Giving families added discounts for their everyday purchases and reducing their living expenses. Revolutionising the fund-raising process breaking the barriers by offering real [...]

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