Acquiring the keys to your kingdom

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If you’ve ever been between homes, perhaps when heading overseas for an extended period, you may have experienced the strange feeling of being keyless. While that sensation can be partly one of freedom, it can also be one of loss and feeling adrift. In addition to their practical purpose, keys symbolise that which they unlock—a [...]

Values unshakeable equal mission achievable

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It’s no coincidence that our business name has dual meanings. Naturally, we deal with conveyancing matters but, more importantly, the practice of conveyancing matters very much to us and, of course, to our clients. The play on words is clever because it is accurate and appropriate. Any business seeking to improve and grow must encourage [...]

While the boss is away … the team takes care of business

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Most business owners only dream of getting away for holiday long enough to feel truly relaxed and refreshed. For many, their much-needed leave is interrupted by constant email messages and phone calls from harried staff members and even from demanding clients. Worse still, they face returning to work to find their businesses in a state [...]

Finding the pieces of the property transaction puzzle

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Smoothly finalising property transactions is not a matter of chance—it’s not even a matter of having gained experience in the field. To ensure successful outcomes you need to fit together the pieces of a puzzle. By this I mean that you need to form relationships with various property professionals who will work together and with [...]

Electronic conveyancing—now streamlining, securing and speeding settlements in South Australia

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To the delight of the whole Conveyancing Matters team, National Electronic Conveyancing (NEC) was introduced in South Australia on Monday 4 July 2016 under the Real Property (Electronic Conveyancing) Amendment Act 2016. This followed its successful implementation in New South Wales and Victoria in 2015, and Queensland and Western Australia earlier this year. Electronic conveyancing [...]

Electronic Conveyancing commences on Monday 4th July 2016 in South Australia

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Our team at Conveyancing Matters are thrilled to announce that electronic conveyancing starts on Monday 4th July 2016 which will make the settlement and conveyancing process easier for everybody. The term "electronic conveyancing” refers to a conveyancing transaction where practitioners have elected to settle electronically through the electronic platform provided by Property Exchange Australia Ltd [...]

We’re proud sponsors of the Real Estate Institute of SA

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  Our privilege of being one of the leading conveyancing companies in South Australia also carries responsibilities. In fact conveyancers are absolutely integral to facilitating any type of property transaction, yet most people are somewhat in the dark about their role. Conveyancers are very much the quiet achievers in the property industry but [...]

We’ve joined Global Online Shopping

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Global Online Shopping is a leader in: Putting local companies back in front of their customers on a weekly basis with a new compelling loyalty program which creates more business and savings. Giving families added discounts for their everyday purchases and reducing their living expenses. Revolutionising the fund-raising process breaking the barriers by offering real [...]